My New Years Resolution Twist

Every year since as long as I can remember, I made a new years resolution I “promised” to stick through the whole year. From giving up soda pop or candy to working out more frequently and eating healthier. Two weeks into January, I’m still respecting my goals and pushing towards it, but by my birthday in March, I’m back to my old ways, already forgetting I even made that goal in the first place.

Now, I don’t think I’m alone here. We all make these goals and wishes- I will diet, I will recycle, I will this, I will that, but once its been a few weeks, we lose any spirit the “new year” brings and revert to our old habits. That is why this year, I’m choosing to NOT have a grand New Years Resolution. Since my trip out to Denver, I’ve focused on slowly improving small aspects of my life. From eating healthier, to being more active on a daily and weekly basis. Trying to improve each of these one by one has made it easier to grow. Since my time out here, I’m cooking more and eating MUCH healthier and not snacking.

So here’s the plan. I still want to rock out 2015, and by doing so, I want to continue to focus on growing, but rather than making some grand plan to how I’m going to improve my life, I’m going to make mini goals throughout 2015. Since I usually forgot about everything after about a month, each one I’ll make a new goal and attempt to continue the last. Let’s see how well I can keep this one up!


January: Weekly Meals Under $100

This has already been a goal of mine for sometime, but this month, I’m going to make sure it happens. Whether I use coupons, search for specials, or make my 3 ingredient meals, it’s gonna happen, and I’ll post all the meals to assure you can too.


February: Start Reading a New Book Every Month

This used to be a great old habit of mine, but I have gotten distracted with jobs, social invitations, and just general life shit that has gotten me to stop. On my flight home for the holidays I enjoyed two books which made me realize how much I missed reading. Working on this… If you have any solid book suggestions, please comment them!


March: Go Somewhere I’ve Never Been

So, I’ve got a big birthday coming in the spring, and I want to make sure i make the best of it. I usually go out with lots of friends, throw a party, etc. I love a celebration, but this year I want to adventure to somewhere unknown. I’ve been looking up a few places around Colorado and I think I’ve found a few spots that will hit the spot.


April: Only Check Social Media Once A Day

Working in technology, I have so many stats about how we interact with our devices. The average consumer spends up to two hours of their day on their phone… Seriously? That’s 14 hours a week, at least 56 hours a month.. And thats not including laptops, televisions, and your tablets. We spend so much time staring at screens instead of having real interactions. This goal is certainly going to be a tough one, but I think it can be done.


June: Adventure a new hiking trail every weekend

Being in CO, I think its an obligation that  should be enjoying the great outdoors. We are in one of the most beautiful places in the country, and I should be taking advantage to be exploring every part of it.


July: Make the Bed Every Morning

I mean I know it only takes a few minutes, but come on, there is no excuse to not come home to a clean bed.


August: Stop Checking My Phone when I’m out with friends

You’re with the all the people that matter and this present moment. Think back when your parents were growing up. They maybe had a single house phone that everyone shared. If you were out with friends, you weren’t checking up on the 200 bagillion other people you know… You were enjoying the present and living it up with those who surrounded you.


September: Working out 3 times a week

Alright, I know this is extremely below average, but we all have to start somewhere! I used to be so active through school, but in the working world, I just come home exhausted every day and barely have the energy. Exercise releases endorphins that not only make you happy but give you more energy, meaning at the end of the day, maybe I won’t be completely exhausted. Regardless, at least one day a week and Saturday/Sunday, I’ll be found at the gym jogging.


October: Start Doing Morning Stretching (and yoga.. if I can remember it)

Being a dancer, I used to stretch out at least 2 times a day. I felt so limber and my muscles never felt too tense. I wish to go back to that. Im a young spritely women, I shouldn’t be a lazy fat bastard when I’m not even 25.


November: Make a Turkey

This will be my second Thanksgiving without the family, and hopefully my first time hosting a pot luck event. As the hostess, I’ve deemed to be the turkey as the priority of the meal (duh!) and with that, I must ACTUALLY buy a turkey and somehow figure out how to cook/broil such a monstrosity. Challenge Accepted.


December: Help put a smile on someones face everyday

Back in Ohio, seasonal depression was a real thing. If you’re not around family or friends for the holidays, this month can be tough! I want to make sure I’m doing my best to make the best of the holiday season by bringing christmas cheer to anyone I can. Whether its complimenting a coworker, or helping someone with their bags, we all could use a little pick me up here or there.






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