12 DIY Holiday Crafts to Gift

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Between the snow capped mountains and holiday cheer, Christmas time brings welcoming feelings to share with friends and family. Now when it comes to the office, it can be a challenge to give something to all those people around you, which is why crafting sweet treats and thoughtful jars filled with love mean more than a cheap something bought from the store. The ideas below are some that from my experience, people have really enjoyed and they weren’t terribly expensive either.


1. Hot Chocolate Mix

MJ- hot chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix by Liz

2. Brownie Recipe Mix

MJ browniemix

Brownie Mix Recipe by Linda

3. Mint Body Scrub


Mint Body Scrub

4. Pancake Mix


Delicious Pancake Mix

5. Money or Hidden Treat


A truly special center

6. Cinnamon Scrub


Cinnamon Vanilla Body Scrub

7. Red Velvet Cake 


Red Velvet Cake

8. Candy Sleighs

sleigh candy on

Ellyn’s Candy Sleighs

9. Hot Cocoa Cones


Hot Cocoa Cones by Jess Marie

10. Crayon Ornament


Crayon Colored Ornament by Falafel and the Bee

11. Metallic Ornament


Mercury Glass Ornament

12. Tinsel Ornament


Tinsel Everywhere!




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