Signpost: Marketing for Small Business

pingpongJust a Quick lil’ personal post over here… I’ve been with Signpost in Denver now for about 2 months. It is exhilarating to be back in a high pressure work environment. And don’t get me wrong, my day includes plenty of relaxation, from the pool table and ping-pong upstairs, to the daily, weekly, and monthly competitions across the office and company wide. Not to mention the minute to win it challenges or Chili Cookoff, and if that isn’t good enough, the people around you will make everything great.


Now don’t mistake, doing sales over the phone is a completely different ball game from what I had previously done. Knowing this, I have deemed it one of the most rewarding. I spend my day talking to small business owners, the people who I hold to the up most respect to. I learn about their wins and their challenges. Now let me just take a moment to explain why this is so important to me.singpost My father is a small business owner. I grew up in a small town filled with local stores. Most of the owners were my friends parents. I then started working for a well-known small business in Cleveland, where I spent 3 years learning and growing in the event production industry. I ended up leaving to seek more vertical advancement with a new company and began exploring. I began looking into outside states when my options were slim, and I stumbled across Signpost. They help automate marketing for small businesses. I was immediately intrigued an opportunity. They had a straight forward promotional path, fair amount of perks, and most importantly, a great product to sell.


Spending my time at Signpost, I’ve learned patience in a workplace, accepting rejection, and how infectious positivity can be in an office. I come into the office every morning ready to work and succeed and when I look around, I’m not the only one like that. We are all here for a purpose. We all have goals, and most importantly- we all encourage each other to be our best.



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If you’re interested in joining the Signpost Team as a merchant or employee, email me at



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