How To Be an Interior Designer on a Budget

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I’ll admit, I’m some what of a shopaholic, but when it comes to moving, you have to learn frugality. Just because you’re on a budget, though, does not mean you need to skimp on the dazzle. My entire apartment cost less that $1,000. That is everything from my couches, television, plates, mattress, and tables all the way down to my kitchen utensils and Rolex clock on my fireplace.


Rule 1: Become a Deal Seeker

If it is full price, you’re not buying it (Exception: You found a sick coupon off their website, because you’re actually prepared). I got my $2,500 living room set from a girl off Craigslist. I had been sharking the furniture section for days. Was it worth it? Absolutely. She even threw in her designer pillows and wooden entertainment system too for the same price, which did I mention was $150? Don’t be afraid to barter!

**I found most of my stuff off Craigslist (People post immediately and about everything from moves to garage sales) & Thrift Stores (Restores, Goodwill, Consignments, etc.)- It may require a bit of a hunt, but you’ll find a diamond here and there.


Rule 2: Get Crafty

flowerUp-cycling used products and creating your own works will help you save so much money. Instead of spending $30-100 on a framed piece of art, get creative. Go to a thrift store and find an old frame you like. Measure it, and find a photo you like that you’ve previously taken. I took a photo I took from the Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C. Send it over the the pharmacy to fit the frame. Save yourself a good amount and make your home feel a bit more of your own.

This article I found off Harper’s Bazaar online gives a bunch of great ideas. I know I’m currently trying to find a fun crafty version for a bookshelf!

Here are some great craft ideas for your home.



Rule 3: Garage Sales ROCKfinalgarage

If you can find a nice home’s garage sale, you just hit the jackpot. I found most of the garage sales in the local paper, but especially off Craigslist. During the fall, many neighbors will even post specific items so you know if that should be a place to go. I got my entire kitchen plating, matching mats, and more for under $30 from a nice girl on the south side of Denver. Not only can you bargain with these people, but if you’re new to the area, it gives you a chance to spend a weekend exploring the neighborhoods around you and getting to know the area. You can plan your entire day off Google Maps, but picking out the houses with garage sales, thrift stores on the way, and maybe even a lunch spot for break time.



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