Why Every Twenty-Something NEEDS a Slow Cooker

Welcome the the 21st Century where the food will cook themselves. Since my journey to independence began, I’ve traditionally been a stove top cooker. Which, yes, it works. It uses a lot of utensils and pots, and usually requires your complete attention from 45 minutes to 3 hours. This is where the true joy of slow cooker is understood. Spend about 15 minutes prepping, combine in slow cooker, and leave for your day as usual. Now I know that by Wednesday, there is no chance I want to come home and spend 2 hours whipping up a meal. Crock pot meals are easily as tasty and far less work.

Here’s why it’s a worthy investment.

You’re not rich… yet

Eating well and on budget surely has it’s challenges. Fortunately there are so many affordable meals that last you for days. Crock pots are really great at turning a whole bunch of cheap ingredients into a delicious, full-flavored meal.

Time is work

For those you who haven’t gotten the process of creating slow cooker meals, it’s about a 20 minute process to prepare your dinner. Last week, I woke up 15 minutes early every day, prepared that days meal, through all the ingredients in the crock pot, set it on low, and went to work without a worry. The best part about a long day at work, is walking into your home and smelling a sweet, magnificent meal awaiting to be devoured. (Some of My favorite Slow Cooker Meals here.)

You’re not a master chef

Yes, I have a man that loves me regardless of my meal flops, but let’s be honest- i want that to be minimal


Spend the extra 10 minutes before you go to the store. Go past the freezer section, grab a few things and build a meal (at the same cost) as that pizza, but with some actual nutritional value.

Football Party Touchdown

Can you say Buffalo Chicken Dip? One of my favorite old standbys, this recipe is a hit for everyone and doesn’t take a lot of work! If spicy isn’t your style, Pulled Pork Sandwiches might be up your alley.

Your coworkers will envy you

Don’t let your lunch be systematic. My first month at my new office, I stuck to your basic sandwiches or chicken on a mixture of greens. Though you can make a pretty mean salad, it does get a bit old. Once you start making slow cooker meals, you’re bound to have lots of delicious left overs for the next few days.


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