There’s An App For That

To Help Your Travels

Apps that make your Road Trip a Bit More Smooth

Most people nowadays have a smartphone. Whether you side with Android or iPhone, everyone has apps that they like and use everyday. Having technology so easily at your fingertips provides the ability to organize and plan out an efficient, cost-effective trip. Through a bit of searching, I’ve created this list of my favorite apps that we utilized throughout the trip and since we have arrived.

Gas Buddy gbuddy1

  • My favorite app of all and here is why:
    • Trip Cost Calculator: I planned all my gas stops via their website BEFORE leaving. (Although we didn’t stick exactly to the stops, it was very insightful to see which cities were cheaper- or the entire state of Iowa) It was also convenient to get a ballpark of total gas price for the drive.

Find Gas Near Me: If we weren’t using the route given, the homepage of the app uses GPS to see all gas stations around you with their prices in a list. If you’re on the highway and don’t want to go far from the main road, there is a “Map” option (instead of “List”) at the top to see all the gas stations down the route your headed.

Google Maps

  • If you have an iPhone, download this app instead.
  • It is constantly reevaluating the best route to where you are going, considering traffic, etc. If there is an accident, it’ll show you (BEFORE it’s too late) a route that may save you 5 minutes.

Road Trippers

  • Great for finding food, parks, hotels, and fun stops along the way
  • You can plan your trip (From A to B) and see what is in 0-50 miles from your planned route
  • Add points and have your entire trip routed on a visible map that links to contact info and websites.
  • Searchable Options Include:
    • Accommodation
    • Attractions & Culture
    • Food & Drink
    • Nature
    • Points of Interest
    • Camping & RV
    • Entertainment & Nightlife
    • Services
    • Shopping
    • Sports
    • Scenic  Drives

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.33.14 PM

  • Maps Engines Lite (Google)

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