Tetris 2.0: Packing for Your Move

 Welcome to the ultimate challenge! 

A game of puzzles, patience, and strategy

Trying to fit everything in your car safely and efficiently can take some time. It took us 3 moves to get it down to a science, but I think we figured out the most effective ways to get the job done.

IMPORTANT: When packing your car for long distance, it is crucial you distribute the weight of your luggage somewhat evenly throughout your car. (If the car is “back end” heavy and it rains, you lose a great deal of traction on your front tires)

Before Loading Up:

  • Everything must be in a bag, box, or container. Having loose items is never a good idea.
  • Containers are your new BFF’s. Seriously. These rectangular beauties will make your game of tetris all that much easier, along with your suitcases.
  • Set everything in one area to get a REAL idea of what everything you need is

photo (6)

Getting Started:

  • Begin with the biggest, squarest things and work smaller
  • Lay them across the bottom (don’t forget- distributing weight is good, so don’t just stack all your heavy containers above each other
  • TIP: Make sure there is room behind the driver and passenger seats. (Reclining for sleep, driver chair adjustment, etc.)

Nearing the End:

  • The final objects you still need to fit (things like backpacks and makeup/shaving kits) are great to fit into the little space between the containers. They are both safe and stabilize the surrounding objects from moving while driving.
  • Long distance drivers should TRY and make their rear view mirror visible.

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