Pretending to be Snow White

If It’s Not Clean, You Can’t Get Mean

If you do it right, you’ll get back your safety deposit with delight

Before making the big move, you must get out of your current living situation.  Procrastination is not an option. Before starting somewhere new, you must move out from the old. Outside of packing up every last thing from your shnazy old apartment, you have to clean and make the place presentable to avoid any pesky waves from your deposit. After quite a few moves, there are some products NEEDED to successfully make this happen.

The Almighty Cleaning Products:

Before You Clean

Everything must go.

Spend one day moving out all furniture, while leaving an additional 2-4 hours (depending on how messy you are) to get everything together.

The Process


1. Once you’ve cleaned out all the cabinets, fridge, and counter tops, begin with some paper towel across the counters to sweep off any loose garbage (like my boyfriends mass amount of messy coffee grinds from his morning cup).

2. Spray the Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner over all counter tops, and wipe down.

3. If you have dirty cabinets, Clorox Wipes are your savior (as well as being a great final touch up product).



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